Monday, December 21, 2009

Princess Gift

I got the best best best gift from my friend for Christmas last night. It's a little Disney Princess book of quotes! I have wanted it for a long time, so I'm really happy that I actually have it now. It's filled with beautiful pictures and funny quotes from some of the Disney movies. On the back it says "Listen to Your Heart" & "Live for Today". It's funny how things meant for children inspire me so much.


  1. what a terrific gift! i didn't know such a wonderful book existed! i love disney princess movies. and yes, it is funny how things meant for children still inspire. somehow it's the things from my childhood that still inspire me the most, children's books like eloise or matilda. and, of course, all things disney. :)
    happy Christmas. xx

  2. yes, it's so beautiful! oooh, i absolutely adore Eloise! i love so many child-like things, but i see them in a different way to what i did as a child. when i was young, these things were just toys to play with. but now they seem to inspire me as well as still making me smile and feel happy!