Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Natural Beauty

I have pretty bad skin. I'm prone to breakouts and I have a lot of blackheads. Yeah, it's not a nice image, is it? At first, in my earlier teens, I didn't get too worried about the state of my face, because it seemed everyone was really having the same problem. I just continued on with my skin care routine every day and thought it would all be fine. But then everyone's faces seemed to be clearing, and mine was staying the same. I didn't bother getting too upset about it, because there was really no point in that, but I did decide to do some more research on skin care to see if I was doing anything wrong. Well, I wasn't necessarily doing anything "wrong", but I did make a lot of changes to my skin care routine and, although my skin still isn't 100% better and perfect, it's still better than I could have hoped for! So, I am here to share my secrets - things that everyone really should know in order to care for their skin!

I stopped using any kind of face-washing product that you buy in stores, and instead, switched to all natural remedies. I had tried every product you could think of for my face, and they all seemed to have around the same effect - it would control break outs a little - but that isn't good enough! Not to mention how expensive all these different products can be! I'd heard about people using natural remedies on my skin, and my friend has started using them and said they were great. So I searched the internet, and found a great website here
! It has heaps & heaps of recipes to care for your whole body.

There are all different kinds of recipes and ingredients you can use for different problems. Currently my skin care routine uses honey. Every morning and night I just use about half a teaspoon of honey on my face. Honey is AMAZING for your skin and makes it so soft. Every second or third night I add sugar to the honey, which makes a scrub. It's the best scrub I've ever tried, and made my skin so soft that I couldn't believe it! The honey I got cost me AUD$3.80 for a jar, and has lasted me ages - a lot longer than a bottle of store purchased product lasts, and costs a fraction of the price! I've had blackheads all over my nose for years, and I had lost all hope of getting rid of them, but the scrub has seemed to bring them closer to the surface, and I am slowly getting rid of them. It's amazing. Just remember that with scrubs, even though it may feel like you should scrub the heck outta your skin every day to get rid of deep blackheads, it's actually really bad for your skin and it just create more problems. It gets rid of all the oils on your face, and so the skin overproduces more oil in order to get it back, but then it just clogs your skin, which is exactly what you do not want!

I apply tea tree oil onto the most problematic areas of my face, as it's a natural healing agent. I've seen people say you should dilute it with water, as it can be too harsh for some skin, and cause more problems, but I've had the best results with just straight tea tree oil. I've heard that cutting a clove of garlic and rubbing it on un-opened blemishes can make they go away almost completely with no scarring. I'm yet to try this, but I've heard lot's of people say it's great. Your face will probably smell like garlic though, so I wouldn't try that before you're about to go out ... although it would keep the vampires away on a night out ;D

The one store-bought product I still use is moisturiser! I always used to think that, because my skin was oily in most areas, I didn't need to moisturise. Boy, was I wrong! Since I bought some, and have been applying it to my face regularly, it's improved the condition of my skin a lot more. Hooray!

Quick tips: putting toothpaste on really red spots overnight will reduce the redness. use ice on big blemishes to reduce them in size (or use hot water on a washcloth and press it to your face, and it will draw everything to the surface - whichever way you want to go. i prefer using ice though). never squeeze your blemishes - I'd head this one millions of times, but never listened. now that I've actually listened it has made my face so much better! use mineral make-up - but still always wash it off. when trying to conceal blemishes, less is more!

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