Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I am really excited to wake up tomorrow morning! The 25th of December will finally have arrived. It doesn't feel like Christmastime, though. It's usually stinking hot and everyone is excited, but the weather is actually rather cool (no complaints here!) and everyone kind of keeps forgetting it's Christmas tomorrow. I am really excited for all the food! Mum has been making rocky road and pavlova, and my dad has been preparing the prawns (I don't like prawns though). It is my family tradition to wake up early and open presents, then have a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs/chocolate. After we have finished eating and opening presents, we visit my grandma & poppy for an hour or two. This year, we are having the celebrations at our house, so we will return home and set up for lunch and wait for all our relatives to arrive! After this, lot's of eating and drinking will commence. I really look forward to all the celebrating. This year, I'm also super excited for the presents - I really hope my family likes the things I got for them!

So, I hope you have a very wonderful, happy, safe and MERRY Christmas! I hope it is full of magic & that Santa brings you some lovely gifts ;D

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  1. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! I hope you had a good time :) Your blog is lovely <3