Friday, December 11, 2009

We Are All Wild Things

Last night I went to the cinema with some friends to see a movie I assumed was for children, as it is derived from a children's picture book. I have nothing against children's movies, in fact I love them quite a lot, but I was soon to find that this movie was not like any other "children's" movie I had ever seen. It was so much more sad and problematic than the usual animated comedy. I was grinning from the first second, the movie perfectly depicted the child-like manner of which I have been longing for in my own life since beginning to read 'The Secret Garden'. I thought it was really perfect. At times it was frightening - actually most of the time it was frightening - which is why I didn't think it was very much suited for children. In fact the other children in the cinema actually lost interest and began talking and asking too many questions (which was really very annoying!). Sometimes it was sad, I came close to tears a few times! But most of all, there were the happy times when everyone just let go and allowed themselves to be true Wild Things. There was rock fights and smashing of trees, running about the forest, a giant dog and an outspoken goat!

In the end, I feel like not much was resolved - which was what made it even more unlike a normal children's movie - but it felt peaceful and right to have it end the way it did. It put an emphasis on the meaning of the story and the problems Max faced. I think the reason why I adored this movie so much is because of the child-like factor - the imagination. I don't think Max imagined going to where he did and meeting the Wild Things, but the fact that all the older people around him seemed to just be so serious was something I could relate too. All the adults around him seemed so tired, uninspired and unimaginative, whereas Max was always creating, making things and thinking up little stories - even if he was still somewhat grown up and wise. This is what made me smile the most, because I really do think every adult believes that they have to take life very seriously. Yes, there are things that need to be taken seriously, and I guess adults can be really very serious if they wish! But I am very tired of other adults expecting me to stop loving child-like things and start being serious. Well, NO, I say! I want to be a Wild Thing, like Max, and make up stories and run around in a little wolf suit and make silly little things that really have no use, other than to let the person who it is for to know that you love them.

I believe, in my heart, that the creators of this movie think the same as me. They made this movie into less of a childs movie, and more of an adults movie for the very reason I said above. Adults need to appreciate that they too, are still Wild Things, and that they can be silly sometimes too. That is why I love this movie.

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