Monday, January 4, 2010


today i quit the job that i didn't like working in. i have been sitting in bed eating marshmallows this afternoon. i found lots of lovely materials for my new journal, all i need now is to buy some new scissors and glue. my day has been nice.


  1. Mmmmm, aha, I am here. I was watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland online and it's taking FOREVER to load :D So Ir ead a few bullitens and yours came up, and I thought Why not? and so I am here reading this.... and why would you want to go to Los Angeles? It's horrible there.

  2. >__> Oh. You are not familiar with my first name. Oh silly me >.< I am Brenna, but Brenna is my middle name and Eri is my first name. My brother and I both have Japanese first names and keltic second names :P