Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rain and Thunder and Ribbons and Journals

today, it is raining. i love the rain. it's so cosy. every now and then i can hear the distant rumbling of thunder. it's so relaxing and lovely.

i made a little cubby out of sheets and chairs today. the pictures didn't turn out so well, but i think it's very nice. it's perfect for rainy days like today.

i tied a big pink ribbon in my hair today, too. it's very pretty.

my brother and mum are outside, on the back veranda, playing "Guess Who?". Remember that game, where you had to ask questions to guess which character the other person has. Funnily enough, my mum was the one who asked to play it with my brother. Doesn't that just prove that there really is at least a little bit of a child inside of us all?!

i found a wonderful journal community on livejournal today. it was full of such beautiful journals, like the one above. i think i just might start a creative journal. i have wanted to for a very long time, but the image of what i wanted it to be like was never clear in my mind. now it's quite a lot clearer and i'm very excited to start.

i very much need a new hair style. it has grown out to how i had it when i was 13. it looked pretty bad then, so i don't know why i have it like this now. i guess because it's a refreshing change to having hair all over my face. maybe i'll wait until summer is over to change it back again.

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