Friday, January 1, 2010

i think i might like the seaside...

i went to the sea side. i don't usually like the sea side. most people assume i hate the sand, but then, most people assume many things about me that are incorrect. i don't correct them because i think even assumptions are use of the imagination. and i like that people think all sorts of funny things about me. what i actually don't like is being in the ocean, especially when the ocean has waves. also, having very fair skin, i find the very hot sun rather annoying. anyway, the sea side is very beautiful. it always takes my breath away. every time. most people i go to the beach with, are either eager to jump straight into the water, or trudge along the sand, sending complaints into the air about the sun and sand. but me, i like to stand on the shore and watch the water. i don't like to complain at the beach. i feel like i am disturbing the peace of the world if i complain there. i like to look at all the individual little shells poking through the sand. i like to search the horizon for ships, and i always wonder what the people on them are doing. usually, i think they are pirates. i always imagine that they would be singing and drinking rum. i also like to watch little crabs scurrying about on their important business, and i like to watch the seagulls swooping down around them. i can't help it, but everything i see, i wonder where it came from. i think about it's family and what it's experienced in it's life. one day, we went to the sea side when the tide was out. you could see thousands of tiny balls of sand that the crabs had made. i felt intensely guilty when i had no choice but to walk over them. i hoped that i wasn't ruining too much for the little creatures.

there is an abandoned ship at this beach, stuck in the mangroves. it is very mysterious. how did it get there? i had visited this beach and the boat many times over my years of holidays, and it is always there. i wonder what kind of things it saw at sea - if it ever went to sea. there is really no way of knowing. but it always makes me so curious.
we went to the sea side another day, but at a different location, a bit further away. here, at the sea, there is a very long pier, that extends out over the ocean. all along it, fishermen were casting their lines, hopeful for a good catch. i drifted slowly up the pier. i couldn't help it. it was too beautiful, there was no way i could have gone any faster. i wish i could have taken more time, but my family were teasing me for being slow already. the tide was on it's way out, and so large banks of sand were left exposed for the first half of the journey up the pier. on the very horizon i could see the sails of just one ship. i thought that they were definitely pirates. even if the sails were too white. the water was the most perfect sea colour. green, but blue. and, if you looked hard enough, you could see where the water turned a magnificent deep blue, indicating deeper water. over to one side, in the distance, you could see land. my mother told us that it's where the fairies live. my brother told her fairies don't exist. "only because everyone forgot about them," she said. i stopped to look over the railing at one of the exposed sand banks. i could see a hundred little crabs, going about their business. one particular crab caught my eye. he was much bigger than the rest, and his blue shell was so shiny. i decided that he must definitely be the king. as i decided this, i noticed all the other crabs really did seem to be scurring around him, as though he was a very imporant crab. to the other side, opposite to the fairy land, the sea seemed to go on forever. the sky was so perfect, and the clouds looked like a marching band of animals. i definitely saw an elephant, as well as a rabbit and a cat. the marching band went almost all the way around the sky, and almost ended at the fairy land! all too soon, though, i was back on land. all i wanted to do was turn around and stay out on the pier all day. i thought that if i lived near the pier, that i would go there every single day. being on the pier made me happy, it made me feel alive. it was so peaceful, as the wind was so strong that it would block out the sound of any conversations as i wandered past. i felt safe and comfortable. i like going to the sea side on my own. for me, it's a peaceful place. it's not for yelling or screaming. or even talking. everything at the sea side makes me curious. it's all so simple. there is the ocean, the sand along with maybe some grass and trees. that is all. there is nothing overly complicated at the sea. it makes being a peaceful and curious person easy. at home i do live rather close to the sea. but not close enough that i could visit everyday, to walk, explore, read and write, which is what i'd like to do. i'd like to be at the beach while the sun is setting. that seems like it would be the most peaceful thing of all. maybe one day i will.

ps - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know this year is going to be super fabulous! My list of resolutions is quite long, though I've never had resolutions before. So I hope I can stick to them, because they all mean a lot to me.

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