Friday, January 8, 2010


So, I began journaling like I said I would. I really enjoy doing it, even if my creativity isn't really at the standard I would like it to be. Still, I can express the things I love in an entirely different format to what I'm used to. It's also a whole lot less nerve wracking than having a written journal, because I know that even if my little sister reads it, it won't make a whole lot of literal sense. It also brings back memories of being in pre-school and primary school, with the whole cutting-and-pasting thing. I even use the same clag glue paste that I did back then. Ahh, nostalgia.

The first one was me just trying out the style and seeing how well material stuck to paper etc. So it looks kind of messy but I still think it looks okay. The second one is of Tegan and Sara. I cut out their picture from an interview in a magazine, and stuck my favourite question and answer above it. On the opposite page I wrote the lyrics to their song "Back In Your Head". (Which I probably got wrong, hehe). The third and final page is just about my little love of ships. I saw the picture and knew I had to have it in my journal. Then it just spawned the writing about ships etc, which is kind of similar to what I said in my post about the sea side ♥

Today I also;

- Went to a 50's style diner, and had the most delicious burger & strawberry milkshake. The interior was filled with old coca-cola ads!
- Went shopping and actually found shoes I like ... but my size was sold out.
- Visited my nana ♥
She gave me lemons to use in my skin care recipes.

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