Monday, January 11, 2010

shopping, shopping ~ ♪

today i went on a much-needed shopping trip. i'd been to my local stores many times, only to be disappointed by the lack of stock & range. so i went further away from home, to a really big shopping centre that's an hour away from where i live. i'm really glad i went there, because i found really perfect things that i love. i was gearing up for having to buy some things that i only kind-of-like-but-not-really, since i was in rather desperate need of new clothes, and the "trends" these days seem to be nothing i like. i am really picky and have a rather strict criteria for the clothes i buy. i guess it's because i'm a bit of a snob ... my clothes can't be made out of certain types of material because they don't sit right or don't feel right against my skin. that kind of thing is usually only a problem in really cheap stores though, so i just avoid them. i also like to wear things that aren't too short at the hem, and that aren't too low around the neckline. both of these criteria are, unfortunately, rather hard to come by in clothes these days.
BUT, i came across a few items that i really loved. my sister said all of them reminded her of Blair from Gossip Girl. which makes me happy, because i really like her style. i am so excited to wear all my new clothes!
you may have noticed that i haven't posted any outfit photos lately, and that is because i've just been wearing the same (all black) boring outfits over and over. now that i have some new things to mix in, i am going to take outfit photos again!

another thing i got today was the Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster CD. ahhhhhh! ♥ i fall more in love with her everyday! really, she is so amazing ... i cannot even say. i really love her!

i also tried this "messy ponytail' hairstyle today. it's really cute, and i've recently cured my "phobia" of having my hair up (yes, i know. i just didn't like it...), and i think it will be really cute to wear to school as well!

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