Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i have seen art

Today, I visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. It was very excellent and I had a great time. I think I am pretty bad at "appreciating" art, but I found everything quite interesting, even if I didn't understand what it was all supposed to mean, hehe.

This piece was really cool, because over the top of the background image, is another image, made of little whipped cream bits, like what you see on sweets decoden!

THIS was definitely my favourite part of the whole gallery!!!! It was this little pink room with shelves full of trinkets and sketch books! The trinkets were all little treasures left by people who had visited, and the sketchbooks all had titles on the front, and you could draw something in them relevant to the title. There was two tables and lots of colouring pencils in the middle so that you could draw what you'd like to! There was all sorts of books like, "My Favourite Food", "My Best Friends", "Home Sweet Home" and heaps heaps heaps more! I drew in quite a few to be honest :P

In fact, this was one of my drawings (I promise I'm better at drawing than that, hehe. I just like drawing with led pencils, I have no confidence if I can't erase!!) I drew this one in the "Who is King?" book. and OF COURSE the first person i thought of was MAX!

and, typically being a huuuuuuge Harry Potter fan, the next person I thought of was Ronald Weasley ;D So I had to put him in too!

I also drew a purple unicorn in "things you might not usually see"! I wish I could usually see them though :C

This is my little trinket that I left in the pink room. It's Piglet! He looks really happy there, I'm sure he'll make good friends with all the other little things left there, or make good use of them!

Eeep, can you see him?!

These rooms looked really nice and fancy, but when you looked closer, it was actually a bit bizarre! There was birds in the wallpaper (pigeons, among others!) and peoples faces on the sauce bottles. Still, it was very beautiful.

This was definitely the most amazing piece at the exhibit. It's a taxidermied deer (or antelope? or elk? i'm not sure, but it was something like a deer!) covered in bubbles. I thiiink the bubbles were made of glass (oh, i don't know much, do i? :P). Really super amazing!

This is a room full of knotted strings tied to the ceiling, in all different lengths. You had to take of your shoes, since once you walk in there it's a bit hard to see anyone else and you don't want to step on someone and hurt them! It was really strange and my friends & I couldn't stop laughing :P That's my friends legs you can see standing there, hehe.

Aaand this was my outfit! I apologize AGAIN for blocking out my face, but I looked really annoyed. Probably because I only had a few minutes to take pictures (AGAIIIN, it's the story of my life!), plus the lighting and settings on my camera were all wrong, since I had no time to fiddle with them. I think I am destined to bad mirror-pictures for the rest of my life ... noooooooo!
Outfit Rundown
Dress: TEMT
Navy Tights: Big W
Shoes: No idea - wanted to wear a different pair that looked much better, but my feet would have diiiied because they are so high and we did lots of walking.
Jewelery: Gifts, Gossip Girl (Big W), Diva & Equip.

My friend said I reminded her of Zooey Deschanel today, hehe. Which I totally thought of her when I saw this dress in the store! But I swear I look nothing like her. She has such big, cute eyes!
So, that was my day! I enjoyed myself very much :D


  1. What an awesome looking museum! I wish Phoenix had something like that. I adore your outfit too-definitely Deschanel-esque!

  2. the gallery of modern art has definitely had some really good exhibits there. the last time i went, it was the andy warhol one!
    aw, thank you very much! ♥