Wednesday, January 13, 2010

please don't grow up

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her imagination had gone. in becoming grown up, her imagination had left. it took her some time to realize, but once she did, she cried. where had it gone? where were the animals in the clouds, and the fairies in the garden? while she was learning about the "big, bad world", her imagination had run away. she wanted it back. so, she stopped learning about the "big, bad world". she stopped listening to what they all had to say about it all. she suddenly remembered that the world was beautiful, and that, if she went outside, there was birds in the trees and worms in the earth. she remembered that cinderella went to the ball and that beauty met the beast. she remembered that snow white bit the poison apple. she remembered madeline lived in and old house in paris, covered in vines. oh how she remembered, remembered, remembered! slowly, her imagination came creeping back. at first, she didn't realize - just like when it left - but soon she started seeing those animals in the clouds. and she could have sworn she heard fairies in the garden. she tied ribbons in her hair and ran about while everyone else was busy worrying about things that never even mattered. she read books about princesses and dolls and magical, faraway places. then, one day, her whole imagination was back. it was maybe a little bit damaged, or maybe she was a little bit damaged. she didn't know, but it didn't matter. it was back and it was wonderful. she cried, the day her imagination came back. she cried for joy.

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