Monday, December 14, 2009

Building Up a World of Magic

This song, when I first heard it, I thought, "wow, I can kind of relate to this!". The song talks about building up a world of magic, because real life is tragic. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say my real life is tragic, but I do like to imagine and day dream when I don't like where I am or what is happening. I feel like I can build up this whole other world, and I'm only a part of it, and all the things and people that make me upset cannot reach me there.

This state of mind is also something I connect straight to Lolita fashion. Wearing the fashion separates me even more so from the things about society I don't like. In so many ways it's an escape, and a way to say, "I'm nothing like you". (Of course I also wear it because I love it dearly!) So, I find it such a strange coincidence that Hayley is wearing a Lolita dress in this video clip. Yes, I believe it is from Bodyline, but it's one of their better products and it looks really nice on her. It's like they also made the connection from this frame of mind to the fashion - even if they didn't really know about Lolita!

I don't like the sound of burying my castle though.

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