Tuesday, December 15, 2009

outfit & a change of name

Please ignore the fact that it now has the wrong URL on it, I edited it before I changed my blog name. Which was silly.

Outfit Rundown
Shirt: Target
Jumperskirt: The Veronicas/Target
Socks: Big W
Shoes: Secret Shop
Wrist Cuffs: Handmade
Bag: Bodyline
Hair accessory: MacDonalds/Sanrio

I hope that, for now, you will excuse the bad mirror-pictures of my outfits. The one thing I asked for to get as a Christmas gift, was a tripod for my camera. So, if I am lucky enough to get one, the quality of my images will improve, and I will try to make them much more interesting!

I went to the shops today to do a bit more Christmas shopping. I got my little sister some shoes she wanted really badly, she was almost crying, haha! She is such a drama queen, and she loves shoes too much for her own good. But they were really amazing shoes, the last ones of them left AND they fit her perfectly. Tomorrow, I am going shopping again to get gifts for my mum! I am going to get her the thinks she's hinted at, but I'm going to search extra-hard for some things that will really surprise her too ~ ♥

Also, I changed the name and URL of my blog. The URL is now magicofaunicorn.blogspot.com ! So if you had it bookmarked or something like that, it would be wise to change the information, hehe. I couldn't sleep last night and I started thinking about my blog name. 'Pirate Doll' has been my online identity for about three or four years now, and even though I still love it and use it everywhere, I feel like I want a change from it. Or at least to have my blog called something different. Since finished The Secret Garden, I've been really inspired and constantly thinking about "magic" and along with the fact that Harry Potter is my most favourite book series ever, I thought I would love it to somehow be in the title of my blog. Unicorns are my favourite fantasy creature (although I am sure they are real! Or at least once were!), and I thought it would be a good fit. I could have used my favourite animal, but "the magic of a penguin" just doesn't really have the same effect, haha. So, I changed it before I thought it was too late to change. It really could change a million times from now, I'm not sure. I change everyday, but for now, my blog is this!

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