Friday, January 15, 2010

the dolls' theatre

I've been let in on a very special secret and have been invited to ...

I have tickets to a few perfomances, and I want you to come with me! But we are absolutely sworn to secrecy! We cannot tell a soul, especially not any adults. Most adults wouldn't believe in such a thing, and the magic might die.

Here are the tickets, shh! Tonight we are going to see Romeo and Juliet. I also have tickets to see the Swan Lake ballet, so I hope you will come with me to see that too. Remember to sign the back of the ticket - it has a space where you can, to promise that you won't tell anyone!
enchanted theatre
Items in this set:
Bubble Hem Polka Dot Dress - UTTAM Direct, 45 GBP
Anna Sui Nylon ruffled trench coat, $550
Christian Louboutin High Satin Peep Toes with Knot, 535 GBP
Lanvin Oulala satin clutch, $1,090
Lee Angel Multi-strand glass pearl necklace, $450

I am very glad I can trust you with this secret, and so are the dolls. They are very excited to see you there, too. ♥

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