Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines ♥

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I'm going to celebrate with my friends. If I had a date, this is what I'd wear ...

casual blue

This is probably the only "realistic" outfit, in the way of what I'd actually wear. I never used to like blue at all, but it has really grown on me (as you can obviously see!). I especially love the bag in this outfit, it's perfect. I'd wear this if the date was something generic, like to the movies or to dinner. Though maybe later my date would sing me a song and give me something they had drawn or painted for me.

Unicorn Chasing

This one is definitely my favourite, but it makes me a little sad because gold definitely isn't my colour! I'd probably just look a little silly and washed out wearing all this gold, but maybe if my hair was lighter I'd be able to get away with it. I would wear this outfit on a picnic or on a unicorn finding expedition/date!

sweet valentine

Also a little unrealistic because of the golds, but it just seemed to suit this outfit more than silver! At least I would be able to wear this amount of gold without me fading away behind it all. This date would take place in a used book store, where we would buy books that we think the other would like - books that we liked ourselves, books with pretty covers or obscure titles. We'd spend the afternoon tangled up reading the books together.

I've never really though about what my "dream date" would be before. I'm not sure if any of these are it, but they do sound very sweet and romantic to me! Do you have an idea of your perfect or dream date?

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  1. did you put these outfits together yourself? If so, i think you should be a stylist or something! the outfits are really cute!